Wes in the World – an Introduction

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Center for Global Studies new blog, Wes in the World.

Our goal with this site is to help create and maintain a lively Wesleyan community among those students currently studying abroad, those who have returned from abroad, and our international students here on campus. This blog will be a space for students abroad to share their experiences with their peers back at home and other students currently abroad. Additionally, we visualize it as a space for students who have returned to reflect on their experiences and advise prospective study abroad participants.

The posts on this page will vary between those written by our student interns, Rachel Hobert (’16) and Eli McClintock-Shapiro (’17), and posts submitted by students on campus and off. Check out the links to student blogs on the side of page, and follow the lives of students currently abroad in Madrid or Paris on the Wesleyan programs.

Studying abroad is one of the most meaningful experiences available to students at Wesleyan. We hope that this blog, and the memories that are shared here, will inspire greater numbers of students to study abroad and enhance the experience of those who are currently out in the world.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please email us! We look forward to reading your stories.

Rachel Hobert, rhobert@wesleyan.edu

Eli McClintock-Shapiro, emcclintocks@wesleyan.edu