Welcome, Zehra!

New study abroad advisor in the Office of Study Abroad

On November 7, the new Study Abroad Advisor, Zehra Abbas, started work in the Office of Study Abroad! Here is her introduction:

I am delighted to be here as the new study abroad advisor in the Center of Global Studies at Wesleyan. I have been working in higher education in various advising capacities for the past ten years. Most recently I graduated with a Master’s in Counselor Education in Student Development in Higher Education. I am extremely passionate about working and helping students during their college years as I reflect back on how crucial these years are we transition from school life to professional/adult life. Having a global perspective for each individual is an extremely important part of this development process. In my last experience I was a graduate intern at Yale where I worked with the international population, students, scholars and spouses and found my own views broadening and being enriched just from working with them without having to leave the country.


Personally I have travelled extensively around the world from early childhood. I’ve lived and attended international schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, South Korea, Seychelles and Karachi, Pakistan. I also spent a year in London a few years ago. My parents loved to travel and we ended up seeing most of Asia during short vacations and holidays. I speak three languages and am currently (trying to!) learn two more on my own. I am passionate about learning new languages as they offer perspectives that are not possible to gain as a monolingual. I wish to encourage all students to consider various study abroad opportunities so they can enrich their own experiences and understanding of the world. There are innumerable benefits of cultural immersion and most of which can enhance not just our skill set and knowledge but affect us on a much deeper and personal level. I look forward to seeing you all soon, my office is located in Fisk Hall in the Center for Global Studies commons area.


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